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Life as we know it

Below are the 4 most recent journal entries.


  2005.09.13  16.28

Yay! Mom's finally letting me update! Wow, May 30th. That's a long time ago. Not much has happened in our lives. Just the usual sleep/eat/play routine. Mom took me on a walk earlier and I was happy. Oh yeah, the humans are finishing the basement so they moved our beds to Aunt Kelsea's room. It's lots of fun, until she yells at me for barking early in the morning. We have a routine. Every morning, she gets up and I bark to be let out of my bed. But she yells at me and tells me to wait until she is dressed. Mom thinks she's weird....Oh no! Doorbell rang! *barkbark*


Mood: energetic

  2005.05.30  00.34
Why does nobody ever stay home anymore?

Apparently, Aunt Kelsea (mom's sister) is on "summer vacation." They say that now, she can be home all the time and play with me. But she is never home! And Mom is no better, she's always "hanging out" with her friends...*sigh* Maybe they will tomorrow? Bye

-Teddy Bear

Mood: discontent

  2005.05.20  18.36

hey everybody! We just thought we'd post some pics so everyone can see what we look like. Enjoy!
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Mood: calm

  2005.05.20  12.45

This is our first entry ever. Our mom helped us make this journal. Mom's not here right now, so she doesn't know we're on the compy. Shh! Don't tell! Anyway, the backyard is unpatrolled right now, so we have to go protect it from invaders. Bye!

Mood: naughty